New Kuwait Visa Rules and Procedures for Dependents.

Procedure in India:

You need marriage certificate / Birth Certificate (original) Notorised then Attested by State and Ministry of External Affiars Delhi, then Kuwait embassy in Delhi , (Travel agent can do this)

Procedure in Kuwait:

1. Stamp Attested Certificate in Ministry of Foreign Affairs near Liberation Tower or Shuwaik (5KD Stamp)

2. Translate Marriage/birth Certificate to Arabic (Aprox : 3KD)

3. Take this translation and the original marriage certificate to the Ministry of Justice located opp to the liberation tower in the early hours (8AM),
Go to 3rd floor section 15, take 2 stamps of 2 kd each, give one on the 3rd floor, and the other on ground floor, they will attest and verify this translation.
Time on 3rd floor, verification – 10 mins
Time on ground floor, attestation – usually this might take 2-3 hours, depending on Rush, once done you can proceed with Visa application.

4. Visa Application form any typing center ( 1KD)

5. Your Salary should be 250+, From next month onwards as proposed it will be 500KD. You need the original work permit (izne amal/Green Paper) to Varify and a copy to attach.

6. Marriage/Birth Certificate (original) to Varify and a copy to attach.

7. Marriage/Birth Certificate Translation in Arabic with attestation (Attach Original only)

8. Marriage/Birth xerox copy both sides

8. Both Parties passport copies

9. Your civil id copy.


Procedure in Immigration Office:

1. Go Early, at 8AM and Submit, There is no Token system in Ahmadi, If Crowd is more they just collect and call one by one for Scrutiny

2. Submit clear Xerox Copies else they will return it or ask you to bring clear copy.

3. Be ready with Original Salary Certificate(Green Paper) most of the time if Salary is around 250+ they ask original else they do not ask mostly.

4. They check Original Marriage/Birth certificate if its Stampped and Attested correctly or not, If you pass 1st round, 90% you will get Visa for sure.

5. They write something and give whole application and tell you where to go.

6. In 2nd Section take signature of Inspector

7. Take a Token and wait for your Number

8. when you number comes submit your application (They may ask Originals again to Varify)

9. If Everything is OK, You will get Visa in 10 Minutes

10. Take 3KD stamp attach on TOP of the Visa, then Sign/Stamp on it from same Inspector.

11. Thats it.

(These procedures followed in Ahmadi Immigration Section)

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