Kuwaiti wives of infidelity

KUWAIT CITY, May 2: A new department which has been established to look into cases filed by husbands who accuse their wives of infidelity is said to have received in 2010 alone 1,679 applications to check on the parentage of their children, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting legal sources.

Of these, 70 cases have proved to be negative. The sources say this shows a large number of women cheat on their husbands.

One of the lawyers disclosed when one man hired him to prepare a DNA test on his son he discovered the child was fathered by someone else.

The lawyer added, it is strange there is no clause in the Kuwaiti law to punish the wife who cheats on her husband unless she is caught in the act while committing adultery. To the contrary the husband is forbidden to kill or harm his wife because the law protects the wife and will punish the husband.

According to another news report, a Kuwaiti who holds PhD, requested a DNA test on his 8-year-old son and was shocked when the results did not match.

An elderly man who has four sons received more shocking news when he discovered each of his sons was fathered by a different man.

Meanwhile, lawyer Riyadh Al-Sanea speaking to the Al-Watan daily said the DNA tests have solved many problems.

For example, he said, when an unidentified maid accused her wealthy sponsor of impregnating her, the DNA tests proved she was telling lies. The tests proved the woman became pregnant after she had sex with a man working for the same sponsor.

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