Lanka vows political resolution after military action

The Tamil people have to be given their rights and integrated in society. India has to play a positive role by supporting civilians and refugees, and focusing that terrorist training is not allowed in Indian soil. It is important for India to keep central government forces and intelligence watching the sensitive areas in Tamil Nadu and Kerala.

Lanka vows political resolution after military action
18 Jan 2009
NEW DELHI: Sri Lanka has committed to moving on to a political resolution process after the military campaign. This formed the core of
discussions between foreign secretary Shivshankar Menon and Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa during Menon’s two-day visit to Colombo.

India has been holding Rajapaksa to his word that the government would implement the 13th amendment for further devolution of powers to the provinces.

Sri Lanka will also be the next venue for a meeting of Indian and Pakistani foreign ministers during the forthcoming SAARC foreign ministers’ meeting in early February. India is expected to pile on a lot of diplomatic pressure on Pakistan

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