Lawyer awarded jail term, Rs.2,000 fine for Contempt of Court

The Delhi High Court today awarded a one-month jail term and a penalty of Rs 2,000 on a lawyer who wrote derogatory remarks against a judge, lowering the dignity of the court.

A bench comprising Justices B N Chaturvedi and G S Sistani held the lawyer P C Srivastava guilty of Contempt of Court. He had levelled frivolous charges against a judge who had pronounced an order which was not in his favour .

The bench imposed a fine of Rs 2,000 and a jail term of one month, stating that levelling baseless allegations on the Judiciary amounts to Contempt of Court.

Srivastava had a property dispute with Lalit Madan. During the proceedings, the order was pronounced in favour of Madan. Lawyer for Madan, Rakesh Makhija told the court that Srivastava accused the judge for being biased and levelled all sorts of charges against him. This was written in his letter to the High Court as well as to the petitioner.

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