Legal framework vital to tackle terrorism, says CJI

What About Legal Terrorism…?

Every house hold is terrorised by Gender biased laws like Dowry Act (498A) DV act, Many Falsly implicated under these laws. For more details Read
Already Marriage is sabotaged by these laws and men think twice to get marry.

Divorce Rate is 10 fold in last few years because of these laws.

Everyone knows there is 98% misuse of Dowry laws, still Judiciary is sleeping over it, without finding any solution.

None of the women marriage or her problem solved after filling 498a or DV, all End their marriage with Divorce only, still Government and Judiciary is making more and more such Laws, in favor of women, in the name of eMpower women.

And there is not a single law to protect interest of Indian man, nor save from such gender baised laws, and LEGAL TERRORISM.

CJI, this statement is to fool people only, or he wanted to be in news.

NEWS Follows.

New Delhi: Chief Justice of India K.G. Balakrishnan on Saturday called for an appropriate legal framework in the criminal justice system to tackle the menace of terrorism. He favoured adoption of a counter terrorism strategy that was aimed at securing the confidence and support of the local people.

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2 thoughts on “Legal framework vital to tackle terrorism, says CJI

  1. Hon’ble Supreme Court certainly observe how Pakistan Supreme Court treat criminal politicians. Hon’ble S C will certainly curb NAZI politicians and their ludicrous laws.

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