Liberate Palestine ? Why not Cyprus

There is Outrage, Cry, Protest all over World that Israel Occupied Palestine,which was no mans Land,

In May 1967, Egypt’s president Nasser expelled the United Nations Emergency Force (UNEF) from the Sinai Peninsula. The peacekeeping force had been stationed there since 1957, following a British-French-Israeli invasion which was launched during the Suez Crisis. Egypt amassed 1,000 tanks and nearly 100,000 soldiers on the Israeli border and closed the Straits of Tiran to all ships flying Israeli flags or carrying strategic materials, receiving strong support from other Arab countries. On June 5, 1967, Israel launched a pre-emptive attack against Egypt’s airforce. Jordan, which had signed a mutual defence treaty with Egypt on May 30, then attacked western Jerusalem and Netanya. At the war’s end, Israel had gained control of the Sinai Peninsula, the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and the Golan Heights. The results of the war affect the geopolitics of the region to this day.

The Truth is, in this WAR, Arab themself invaded, with the help of Gulfs Oil money, and even today because of this money Terrorist terrorise Israel, in reality Gaza,Westbank and Goal hight belongs to Israel.but world powers forcing Israel to give it back.

On the 20th of July 1974 Turkey invaded Cyprus. On the 18th of November 1983 the North was unilaterally declared as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. A state that no other country with the exception of Turkey recognises.

Cyprus today is a divided island. A Green Line divides the island. On the Turkish side razor wire, minefields, watch-towers every few hundred metres. A scene reminiscent of the Cold War and the Iron Curtain dividing East and West Germany. Famagusta is a ghost town. Many refugees, both Turkish and Greek Cypriots fled to the South.

An estimated 40-50,000 Turkish troops illegally occupy Northern Cyprus. Possibly as many as 100,000 Turkish settlers, many against their will, have moved into Northern Cyprus. Stories of atrocities filter across the border. Reports filter out of systematic and widespread plunder and destruction of Greek archaeological sites.

It takes two to tango. In the early 1970’s Turkey was looking for an excuse to invade. A handful of Greek Cypriots gave Turkey that excuse. Spurred on by a fascist military junta in Greece they mounted an abortive coup against the legitimate government of Cyprus. With genuine fears for the Turkish Cypriot minority Turkey initially had the tacit approval of the International Community.

In the first invasion (20 July 1974) Turkey secured an area around Kyrenia. In defiance of a UN Security Council resolution to withdraw its forces, Turkey mounted a second invasion on the 14th of August 1974. Within two days, Turkey had captured more than a third of the territory of Cyprus.

The fascist junta in Greece has long given way to a democratic regime, the Turkish occupying forces remain in place.

Turkey occupies 37% of the island’s land. 165,000 people fled from the North of the island, not only Greek Cypriots but also Turkish Cypriots. 45,000 Turkish Cypriots were ‘helped’ to flee to the North by attacks by out-of-control Greek Cypriot paramilitary units and attacks by Turkish Cypriot terror units. More than 200,000 people became refugees in their own land.

A tiny handful of Greek Cypriots remain in the North, determined not to be driven from their homes. Many of those that remain are elderly and in their 60s, 70s and 80s.

A steady stream of Turkish Cypriots has continued to leave the North to live abroad. They find that their cosmopolitan world view is increasingly at odds with the repressive regime back home. Denktash has called these migrants ‘traitors’, conveniently forgetting that it is his repressive regime that is driving these people to leave their own country. A Turkish Cypriot opponent of Denktash described occupied Cyprus as ‘a prison in the sun’. He was one of many Turkish Cypriot critics of Denktash, who is seen by many Turkish Cypriots as nothing more than a puppet of Ankara.

Tourists who visit occupied Northern Cyprus describe on their return to freedom a holiday spent in a Police State – soldiers and police everywhere, watching every movement.

Turkey is a repressive, brutal, Islamic regime, on a par with Indonesia, Iran or Iraq. Repression against its own people is well documented. Repression of lawyers, writers, intellectuals, students, trade union officials, human rights campaigners, minority groups within Turkey, especially Christian, Armenian, Greek and Kurdish minorities. Human rights groups who monitor the level of abuse and attempt to collect evidence find themselves in turn subjected to harassment and abuse.

The TRUTH about the 1974 invasion of Cyprus by Turkey, and the ensuing 30 years of illegal occupation and the perpetration of the indignities inherent in the ethnic cleansing and the numerous destructions of the human rights of both the Greek-Cypriots and the Turkish-Cypriots as practiced by the occupying body, The Turkish Republic of Nothern Cyprus. Since the TRNC captured 38% of Northern Cyprus, they have created over 200,000 Greek cypriot refugees, over 1600 people have gone missing, disappearing into the twilight ether that is the Turkish prisoner of war system, and countless Turkish Cypriots have been driven from their homes as well. Although Turkey invaded to ostensibly protect the 18% Turkish Cypriot population on the island,they did not keep their promise. Instead they systematically ran them out of the country, re-populating with mainland usurpers in order to skew the island’s demographics.

Although much Turkish propaganda has been put out stating that the two communities cannot get along, and therefore the island should remain divided, this assertion is false. In fact, Greek and Turkish natives of the island have been incredibly vocal about wanting to be re-united and allowed to live peacefully together once again. It is the recently immigrated mainland Turks who oppose this. The original Turkish Cypriots have agitated against the Rauf Denktash Regime in favor of re-unification. Yet their cries fall on deaf ears. The estimated value of land lost by Greek refugees alone is 40 billion dollars, while simultaneously continuing to bring in new mainland Turkish settlers and simultaneously driving out the original Turkish Cypriots. Both the Greek and Turkish Cypriots must join in whatever means possible to exchange information in order to further the cause of a re-unified and peaceful Cyprus in which one is free to roam at will.

Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, is today the only city in the world that is divided by such hostilities and the line of demarcation between North and South is a tangle of barbed wire manned by fully armed soldiers on either side.

we must look into the devastating nightmare suffered by the Greek Cypriot enclaved. The Enclaved are the handfull of Greeks who managed to hold on to their villages and lands in the face of the invasion. In a peace treaty, Turkey agreed to provide these isolated Greeks in the newly occupied north access to education, medical care and other basic human needs. None of these have been met. They have had to endure three decades of isolation, for they are not allowed to leave their villages, and if they do, they forfeit their right to return. But because they could not survive without medical care, education and other essentials, this was the loophole the TRNC used to systematically dwindle the enclaved population over the years.

Those who did manage to hang on, were not allowed to worship their religion or speak their language, or teach Greek History; another form of ethnic cleansing. They live in fear at night, unable to sleep, for the raids of their houses usually come at night, and beating, rape and murder are not uncommon occurrences. The Turkish Cypriots have suffered such treatmeant at the hands of their “saviours” as well. Today, the Turkish Cypriot population is 3/4ths less what it was 3 decades ago; thus the full Mainland Turkification of the island progresses unhindered by the helpless few. Additionally, the millenia old antiquities of Northern Cyprus have been systematically defaced, destroyed, and plundered. Place names have been defaced and changed. All of this is a brutal attempt to erase the island’s Greek origins and re-write its history as fully Turkish. This destruction of history is not only another form of ethnic cleansing, but also constitutes a major break in the continuity of Cypriot history which includes elements of many cultures over the millenia and reflects the absorption of those elements into the dominant Greek culture. Turkey therefore has perpetrated a major break in the evolution of CYPRIOT history.

Everyone support Palestenian Terrorist activities, Arab give financial support to HAMAS to terrorise Israel, but no one support Cypriots to get back thier land,there are more People victimised under Turkys rule,but curiots do not have GODfather like Arab countries, nor they terrorise Turkey or Fire Rockets on Turkey as HAMAS.

Then why all support to Palestine and HAMAS, why not Cyprus.
Israel is not at all at fault, still its people are victimised and terrorised with Rocket Attacks.
If Israel has to give back Palestine, then why Not Turkey ?

Liberate CYPRUS.

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