Medic: Many Libya rebels killed in push for oil town

Benghazi, Jul 16: A Libyan medical official says 10 rebel fighters seeking to oust ruler Muammar Gaddafi have been killed in an attack on a strategic eastern oil town.

Mohammed Idris said today (Jul 16) that rebel forces entered the front-line town of Brega the night before and that government shelling and land mines killed 10 fighters.

He said rebel forces captured four government soldiers. It was unclear whether any other government troops were killed and whether the fighting had advanced the rebel front line.

Libya’s opposition received a boost yesterday when more than 30 nations including the US recognised their National Transitional Council. But the civil war has fallen into a stalemate, with rebel forces unable to make significant advances, even while NATO bombs Gaddafi’s troops under a UN mandate to protect civilians. 

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