Lindsay Lohan will clean Toilet – Its not India

Lindsay Lohan is awaiting trial and possible incarceration but in the meantime she has to do janitorial work at the LA county morgue!

Lindsay Lohan may have (temporarily) escaped jail for now but Judge Stephanie Sautner is making sure she’s paying her dues. As we previously reported Lindsay has to serve 480 community service hours as part of her probation violation for her 2007 DUI conviction. 120 hours will be served performing janitorial chores at the LA County Coroner’s, and 360 volunteering at the Downtown Women’s Center. One of her tasks? Scrubbing toilets.

“She’ll be doing community service, janitorial and maintenance work, mainly cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming, and a little everything. She won’t be touching bodies but she’ll likely see them,” Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter told E! News.

Judge Sautner would like Lindsay to immediately begin logging her community service hours, while her lawyer Shawn Holley is working on appealing the 120 day jail sentence for which Lindsay is currently out on bail. The judge says she hopes Lindsay can “see women who are truly needy and might change [her] behavior.”

Lindsay’s felony grand theft charge for stealing the $2500 necklace was reduced to a misdemeanor, and her pre-trial will be on May 11 and her trial will start on June 3.

The actress has one year to complete her community service sentence

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