Not a yatra but passing of Lokpal Bill says Team Anna members

Ralegan Siddhi, Sep 10: Team Anna Hazare members today (Sep 10) appeared to be talking in different voices over support to senior BJP leader L K Advani’s proposed yatra against corruption.

Asked about Advani’s plans to launch a campaign, activist Kiran Bedi said “we will support anybody who supports our cause. There is no question of party in this.” Later when he was asked about Bedi’s remarks, another activist Arvind Kejriwal said what they want was “not a yatra but passing of Lokpal Bill“.

“All political parties which are opposed to corruption, should come together to get the bill passed. They should ensure that their MPs vote in Standing Committee and Parliament for Jan Lokpal bill,” he said.

Kejriwal said there appears to be some misunderstanding.

“We are not supporting any political party,” he said. 

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