Lost and found: a 2 year old Child

lost.jpgA successful search for a lost and found baby had a happy ending.

A heart-searching examination has to be done in India, where there are millions of ‘slum-dwellers’ living in make-shift tents or under the Big blue sky. Child protection laws abroad require individual rooms for children. How could a 2 year old baby be left alone without monitoring by an adult?

What are the laws for Child’s rights in India? Are they being implemented? How will this child’s rights be protected by the Government?

What about victims of Child abuse, who are thrown out of their own houses for days? Who can file a complaint for their protection in society? Who is there to protect abused children from their own abusive parents?

This case throws up many more questions like these.

Posters help unite missing child with parents

28 Dec 2008
CHENNAI: The city police on Friday finally traced a 2

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