LS ELECTION RESULTS – Early trends:UPA 124, NDA 97

New Delhi, May 16: Counting of votes polled in the 15th Lok Sabha elections began on Saturday morning, with the UPA leading in 124 seats and the NDA ahead in 97 seats out of the 281 seats for which trends were available.

The Third Front is doing well in 35 seats, the Fourth Front is leading in 13 seats and others are ahead in 12 seats.

State wise early trends


In what could be one of the biggest surprises of election 2009, in Uttar Pradesh the BJP is leading in 7 seats of the 16 seats for which tends are available, while shockingly the BSP is ahead in only one seat.

Rahul Gandhi, as expected, is leading in Amethi as is his party, as the Congress is leading in 7 seats while the SP is doing well in 6 seats.


In what is coming as an extremely bad news, RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav is facing a rout. The NDA is sweeping the polls in the crucial state that will send 40 MPs to the Parliament.

Of the total leads available, the NDA is ahead in 6 seats while the RJD-led alliance is ahead in two seats. It

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