Parasitic man drank wife’s blood for three years

Bhopal, Jul 18: Whoever said, devil resides in the human heart cannot be more right anywhere else than in this instance where a man drunk the blood of his wife for a good three years. Nasty, as it may sound but it has really happened in Damoh district of Madhya Pradesh.

Deepa Ahirwar, who was married off to an agricultural labourer, Mahesh Ahirwar, in Shikarpura village in 2007, has been at the receiving end of such a barbaric act.

She was quoted by the media saying, “He used to take a syringe and draw blood from my arms. He would then empty it in a glass and drink it. For three years he did this on a regular basis, threatening me of dire consequences if I revealed this to anyone.”

Just a few months after the marriage, Mahesh started drawing blood from Deepa’s veins and did not stop even when she was pregnant. However, it was not until the birth of her son, earlier this year, that she started protesting, but was beaten up by him.

Deepa, somehow managed to flee her home and informed of all this to her father, who in turn took her to the Patera police station. However, the officers there said that the case was not under their jurusdiction and asked them to report to Hindoriya Police station.

At Hindoriya police station, she was directed to the women counselling section, but still a case was not registered. But later, when the villagers of Shikarpura intervened did the Hindoriya police register a FIR against Mahesh.

Mahesh, according to reports is still at large.

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