Woman cannot be debarred from maintenance after divorce: HC

Here is one more example that women can twist her tongue anyway she like;
Refer : http://supari.org/i-was-drugged/

whatever she admited before she can deny later and its valid.

and Indian Judges are henpecked.

Allahabad, August 27: In a significant judgement, the Allahabad High Court on Wednesday ruled that a woman was entitled to claim maintenance from her former husband even if she had earlier agreed not to do so by way of a compromise.

Passing the judgement, Justice M K Mithal set aside the order of family court at Kanpur of January 18, 2005 in which the application of Manorama, seeking maintenance from her former spouse, was rejected on the ground that they had reached a compromise in the civil suit by which the wife had accepted a lumpsum amount and agreed not to claim any maintenance in future.

The court also turned down the husband

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  1. Apart from him , there are many people who are hitch -hiking on the bandwagon. They know that there is nothing as good as a free ride.

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