Man pining for separated son commits suicide

In the Land of Eunuch Judiciary , Government and the President who wear bangles; Indian Judiciary is so biased, even its not giving visitation to Father, which took another Toll, because of these blood thirsty, women favor laws of Great DEMONcratic India.

Not Only Judiciary / Government, even Henpecked media publish such drastic news in a small column in the 3rd page or last page; but when a Indian women committe suicide when her husband finds her extra-marital affairs, they term it as a dowry death and print it in Front page of news as a breaking news.

Funny part is, if a women committ suicide because of her own faults or mental imbalance, police Arrest her husband and his family by default giving domestic violence or 498A, dowry colour, but if a man committ suicide because of wifes harassment, nothing happens in indian.

Bangalore : A single parent, who had been fighting for custody of his child, committed suicide on Thursday in JC Nagar. He was frustrated at not being able to see his child regularly.

Syed Makhdoom, a software engineer with a multi-national company, was a Canadian national but had settled in Bangalore. He got married six years ago and has a five-year-old son.

He got divorced two-and-half years ago, and since then had been fighting for visitation rights and custody of his child.

Before committing suicide at his house in Benson Town, he left a note for his son saying he will miss him, but couldn’t continue living without him.

In his suicide note, the victim, who was from New Delhi, reportedly alleged that his second wife Muskhan, 32, of Mysore and her parents had allegedly harassed him for money.
They did not allow him to meet his son.

2 thoughts on “Man pining for separated son commits suicide

  1. Such laws are contributing to reduction in Indian population considerably.

    But as it is said, after they have burnt the homes of thousands of Indians, they don’t know but the same fire will not spare their own homes.

  2. Indian men have to get used to this – being ripped away from his children, savings, peace of mind. Let there be evolution of the fittest, but that would also mean the evolution of the meanest men!.

    Yes thats what it takes!. But is that what we want?.

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