Man ‘gang-raped’ by 3 women

A South African man was raped at gun point after being made drunk, and forced to ‘shoot’ against his will. This case has been well documented in the press.

There are lot of discussions on the internet available on the topic “Can men get raped by women?” The answer is a loud Yes. But shame to ‘manhood’ lost is a key to not discussing about this topic.

Conventionally, males are thought to ‘penetrate’ women against their will and hence capable of rape. Men are not thought to be victims of rape in India and some countries.

Men too can be victims of rape, by getting dis-“organized” (against their will) and sodomized. ???Any takers?

Man ‘gang-raped’ by 3 women


Johannesburg – A 30-year-old man was off to play pool when three women asked him to direct them to a hotel and he claims they raped him in turn after they had had drinks.

The man, from Roodepoort on the West Rand, was walking from his flat to an entertainment centre shortly after 17:00 on Sunday night when three women in a maroon BMW stopped him.

Captain Paula Nothnagel of the police said the women, aged between 20 and 30, asked him how to get to the Savoy Hotel.

“He explained, but they apparently insisted he should go with them to show them the way.

“He got into the car with them,” she said.

On arriving at the hotel the women invited him for a drink.

After drinks and a chat, they asked him to show them where the Station Hotel was.

“On the way to the hotel, the driver suddenly changed direction and drove to an open piece of veld near the Durban Roodepoort Deep mine.

Kept gun on him all the time

“One of the women pulled out a gun and held up the man while the other two undressed.

“Then all three of them raped him in turn, with one of them keeping the gun pointed at him,” said Nothnagel.

When they had finished, they forced the man back into the car and dropped him off in Main Ridge Road shortly before 02:00. He walked home and contacted the police on Monday.

Nothnagel said detectives from the police unit for family violence, child protection and sexual offences were still trying to trace the women.

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