Malhar – No Condoms inside campus!

Mumbai, Jul 17: The organisers of Malhar, the inter-collegiate festival of St Xavier’s College in Dhobitalao, have circulated a list of banned items including condom for the students who participate in the three day festival.

The brochure of rules and regulations sent to various colleges said that carrying condoms to the campus has been banned. Students are also asked not to carry items like alcohol, drugs, cigarettes etc.

Following the ‘controversial‘ brochure, which itself describes “a little aggressive sometimes,” some of the students raised voice against it saying that it is against ‘safe sex’ practice, which was advised and advertised by government authorities. They demanded the roll back of the brochure and make them ‘free’ to carry condoms.

Anyhow, organisers said that they have valid reasons to ban the condom inside the campus. They added that ‘condom ban’ is based on the moral ethics of the educational institution as it has a Church near to the campus.

“Students handling the fest felt that condoms be included in the list of banned items. In the past it might have been used as a prop for an event which is not right. So as a preventive measure, condoms are added to the list of things not to carry to the campus during the festival,” said Fr Frazer Mascarenhas, Principal of St Xavier’s College.

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