Man acquitted of Rape charge

NEW DELHI: A man accused of raping his neighbour for almost four months was acquitted by a Delhi court after the girl gave a contradictory statement that she was under the influence of “evil spirits” and could not remember the incident.
“She failed to give any details regarding how she left with the accused; where he took her. …She simply said the accused sprinkled some water on her and she didn’t know what happened thereafter,” Additional Sessions Judge Poonam A Bamba said. Absolving Shakil, a resident of Dakshinpuri, of rape and abduction charges, the court cited the contradictions in the girl’s statements given during the trial and before a magistrate after she was allegedly rescued in 2007.

The girl, in her statement before a magistrate, pleaded for release of the accused claiming that she was under the influence of “evil spirits” and did not remember anything about the incident except that she had left her house on January 31, 2007 to see a `moharram’ procession. However, during the trial, she claimed the accused raped her but failed to tell more about the incident such as the place and date of offence. An FIR under various provisions of the IPC, dealing with rape and abduction, was lodged at Ambedkar Nagar police station by her father alleging that his neighbour Shakil might have abducted her.

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