Mangalore pub assault : Yeddyurappa, will you feed me…

BS Yeddyurappa, Will you feed me, if im hungry, will you give me shelter, if i do not have house ?
Then why are you supporting these Fundamentalist, who is attacking, me and innocent ?
Who gave you Authority to check where i am going, what i am doing ?
You have no right to interfer in others personal life.

These are all Affiliates of BJP and Your Supporters, because of your blessing they are doing all this, before BJP Government, peaceful Managalore or Udupi never faced such situation.
I am sure in days you will order to release these criminals, because you are one of them
Two days after two girls were mercilessly beaten up by the so called moral police in a Mangalore pub, the Karnataka government led by BS Yeddyurappa today (January 26) took note of the Mangalore incident, but refused to comment further on the assaults and the consequences that followed for the victims.

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