Bangalore Techie duped into tying the knot with Scamster who lied about Marital status, Qualifications and Experience

Bangalore Techie duped into tying the knot with Scamster who lied about Marital status, Qualifications and Experience

A US-based engineer claims a woman who was previously married trapped him into marrying her and now threatens to kill him if he does not pay her a fat alimony

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

A US-based techie, who hails from Bangalore, has claimed a woman cheated him into marrying her by providing him wrong information about her marital status, educational qualification and work experience. The victim Rajesh (name changed) has filed a complaint that his wife Geetha (name changed) and her family are threatening to kill him if he does not pay her Rs 25 lakh.

Rajesh (45) is a US citizen and his parents live on West of Chord Road. According to the complaint, he married Geetha last November in Bangalore. Their marriage was also registered before the Registrar of Marriages in Rajajinagar. This was an arranged marriage. But, Rajesh could not take part in the talks as he was in the US. His parents spoke on his behalf and told Geetha’s parents that they were looking for a good girl from a decent family. They also clarified that were not interested in receiving any dowry or traditional gifts.

The complaint says, Rajesh’s parents told Geetha’s parents that their son was a divorcee. His father also forwarded a copy of marriage dissolution certificate of Rajesh’s first marriage to Geetha’s family. Geetha’s family had no qualms about his divorcee status. Meanwhile, Geetha’s family claimed she was a spinster who was highly qualified and working with a multi-national publishing company in Bangalore.

Rajesh claims in the complaint that he saw pictures of her, spoke to her on the phone and agreed to marry her. He left India a few days after the wedding. When he asked her for documents about her educational qualification and work experience to process her visa, she became evasive. After being pressurised by Rajesh’s father, Geetha finally handed over a heap of papers. This set of papers did not contain any relevant documents sought by Rajesh to process her visa. However, his parents were shocked to find a copy of a court judgment saying she was divorced.

The complaint says, thereafter Geetha refused to join Rajesh in the US. She demanded he rent a separate house for her in Bangalore, provide her a car and pay a huge sum every month for her to lead an independent life. Later, she decided to dissolve her marriage with Rajesh on the condition that he pay her a sum of Rs 25 lakh, failing which she threatened to file a dowry harassment case against him. It is alleged that she even threatened to attempt suicide and leave behind a suicide note holding Rajesh and his parents responsible for her plight.

She went on to file a complaint against him and his parents. When his parents did not yield to her pressure, Geetha and her family allegedly barged into his parents’ house and threatened to kill them.

Rajesh says he got his complaint registered in a local court, as he was unable to get it registered at the jurisdictional police station. The local court has directed the jurisdictional police to investigate the matter. Police said they are yet to question Geetha and her family.

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