Married doctor accused of spiking pregnant lover’s drink with abortion drug ‘had second mistress’

Married doctor accused of spiking pregnant lover’s drink with abortion drug ‘had second mistress’ in UK
07th October 2009

A married hospital consultant accused of spiking his mistress’s drinks to try to abort their unborn child had a second affair with another doctor, a court heard yesterday.
Edward Erin, 44, is said to have wanted to poison his secretary Bella Prowse after she refused to have a termination.
Yesterday she told the Old Bailey that he also had an extra-marital relationship with Malin Roesner, a specialist registrar at Northwick Park hospital in North-West London.

Miss Prowse, 33, said that Erin had spoken about Miss Roesner ‘a lot’ during their affair and told her that she had ‘hurt him’.

‘I was concerned because he talked about it,’ she told the jury. ‘He reassured me he was with me and wanted to be with me.’
But she became upset when she received a text message from Erin which she believed was meant for Miss Roesner or another woman.
It read: ‘Would you fly away somewhere nice for the weekend if you don’t do a locum?’
When she sent a message back questioning him, he replied: ‘Sorry, not a girl an old climbing friend from Wales. Was wrong number. Sorry love, you can come too if you want.’
Miss Prowse told the court the message annoyed her. She said: ‘From what the text message said, he was seeing someone else.’
Miss Prowse and Erin, a father of two young children, both worked at St Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, where he was a consultant in the chest and allergy clinic.
She became pregnant a month after the start of their fling at Christmas 2007, and he is alleged to have attempted to drug her on three occasions several weeks later.
Miss Prowse, who has a teenage daughter from a previous relationship, said she did not learn about Erin’s family until police told her after his arrest.

Yesterday she denied that she had demanded he provide the abortion medication and that she put a pill in one of her drinks to frame him.
Clare Montgomery, QC, defending, said: ‘I suggest that you became very angry with him because you said he had done nothing. He could at least support you by providing drugs so you didn’t need to go to a clinic.’
The barrister added that Miss Prowse had been so ‘enraged’ that Erin agreed to help her, and later sent her a text saying: ‘When you shout you are very scary.’
She said that Erin then put a pill in Miss Prowse’s drink at a Starbuck’s cafe as ‘a demonstration to show you that you could not take the drug in that form because it tasted terrible’.
Of a later incident, she said: ‘You put the pill into the orange so you could tell the police that Ed had been trying to give you an abortion against your will.’ Miss Prowse replied: ‘No.’
She had a healthy baby boy in September last year.
Erin, from Kensington, West London, denies procuring poison to be used with the intention of causing a miscarriage, administering poison to procure a miscarriage and two charges of attempting to administer poison.
The trial continues.

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