To Marry Lover, Girl Poison Father, Brother

PATNA: Finding her family members to be a hurdle in her love affair with a youth, Vijay Kumar, a young girl poisoned her father and brother to death in Malpur village under Patepur police station in Vaishali district late on Friday night.

Patepur police station SHO Suman Kumar said the girl was having a love affair with a youth, Vijay Kumar, and once she had made an attempt to elope with him. But the duo was apprehended and the boy was thrashed by villagers.

The SHO said Vijay used to come to his relative’s house in the village. Later, the villagers asked Vijay’s relative not to allow him to come there. Though Vijay stopped coming to the village for some time, he started frequenting it again and meeting the girl.

According to the SHO, Vijay gave a packet of poison to his girlfriend, asking her to mix it with food so that his parents would die and they could marry easily. He said the girl cooked vegetable for dinner on Friday night and laced it poison before giving it to her father Shankar Mahto (35) and younger brother Vikas Kumar (12). Both father and son died during sleep. However, as the girl’s mother, Sunita Devi, did not have dinner as she was feeling unwell, she escaped death.

The girl has confessed to her crime and been arrested on the charge of murdering her father and brother. The SHO said an FIR had been lodged against Vijay, his relative Sunita Devi and the girl in this connection. The packet of poison has been recovered and the girl forwarded to judicial custody, the SHO said.

He said Vijay and his relatives were absconding after the incident. Raids were on to arrest the duo, he added.

Matter of fact news media and TV Air/publish if girl elope with lover and marry him, terming her as BRAVE girl went against odd and even in SATYAMEV JAYATE shows such girls Stories, but this type of story never make headline nor Aamir Khan dare to show.

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