Girl gets parents murdered over love affair

Agra, April 4 After shedding copious tears for the past three days and pretending she did not know how her parents were killed right before her eyes, a teenaged girl finally confessed to police that she had got her parents murdered.

The reason: they were objecting to her love affair with a neighbour.

The veil of mystery on the triple murder, on March 29-30 night at Semri ka Taal village here, was lifted with the arrest of four people, including the girl Maya.

Maya confessed to the crime during intense interrogation.

Senior Superintendent of Police Prem Prakash told media persons that the murders were the result of a love story between Maya and Pinto, a tenant living in the neighbourhood. Maya’s parents disapproved of the affair.

Maya’s father Guman Singh, mother Kamlesh, cousin Rajni who had come for a holiday, were axed to death during sleep, after they had been drugged. Maya admitted she had mixed some tablets given by Pinto in the flour used for chapatis.

According to the plan, Pinto and his friend Devendra came in the dead of night and murdered Maya’s parents. Rajni who was sleeping nearby had seen them, so she too was killed, said the police officials.

Maya’s story of how she saved her younger brother from the assailants created doubts in the minds of the investigating team. It later turned out that her brother too had been drugged and therefore could not reply to questions asked by the police.

Police also said that there was another love story that got mixed up with the triple murders. Maya’s brother Nitya Kishore was involved in an affair with Maya’s distant aunt Vimlesh, which led to a lot of tension between their families. Vimlesh’s sister Guddi, it is alleged, paid Rs.7,000 to the assailants to kill Maya’s parents.

Maya’s lover Pinto had earlier been in jail in an abduction case, where he befriended Devendra, the main accused who is still absconding.

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