MBA suicide on camera: Mom grieves, Hubby, in-laws arrested

Mumbai, Sep 30: Husband of Nidhi Singh, an MBA student who committed suicide and left a mobile video that featured the brutal act of killing herself, has been arrested allegedly for harassing her (Nidhi) for dowry.

Latest investigation claimed that Nidhi’s husband, Samdarshi allegedly is involved in extra marital affairs and has been harassing Nidhi for dowry since they got married in Feb 2011.

“For the past few months, Samdarshi had been torturing her. When we refused to give him Rs5 lakh a week ago, his harassment grew. Nidhi couldn’t share anything with us as it was a love marriage and didn’t want to reveal his faults.” Nidhi’s father stated while trying to figure out the reason behind the gruesome act that his daughter took.

Meanwhile, Nidhi’s mother started demanding the access to the video which described the last agony of her daughter. “I want the video in which my daughter has shared her pain and agony before ending her life. I have an emotional connect with that video as those last few moments will be with me all my life. But the police are refusing to give me as they have used it as an evidence,” chided Nidhi’s mother.

Nidhi, in her suicidal note, claimed that she was depressed and had regret for her love marriage. The recorded mobile phone footage was 1.33 minutes long.

Informing about Nidhi’s death, police earlier had stated, “Police said, “Samdashi (Nidhi’s husband) said that around 9:30 am, when he was leaving for work, Nidhi requested him to talk with her for 10 minutes. He complied but she again tried to stop him. He ultimately left as he was getting late for work. Around 10 am, he received an SMS from her saying ‘sorry’. But he did not take it seriously.”

Nidhi’s father, who tried to contact her for the whole day, got scared and informed their relatives. Nidhi’s husband stated, “Around 9.30 pm, I went along with my relative to the flat. But when my wife did not answer the knocks, we informed the police. The fire brigade was called and they broke open the door to find her hanging from the ceiling.”

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