Men seek cover under domestic violence law

NEW DELHI: Two years after women were brought under the protective umbrella of the Domestic Violence Act, men are feeling left out.


3 thoughts on “Men seek cover under domestic violence law

  1. Thanks for the information on domestic violence.

    We recently wrote an article on domestic violence at Brain Blogger. It’s extremly common to hear about violence against women and about male batterers rather than about violence against men and about female batterers. But hear about it happening the other way around?

    We would like to read your comments on our article. Thank you.


  2. Thanks for the information.
    I was ignorant about Domestic Violence against Men till I came face-to-face with it 8 months ago.
    My friend was brutally battered (physically, emotionally and financially) by his wife for 30 years. He did not know how to come up with his trauma and fight against it. I was shocked to hear his story which actually reached me accidentally.
    I jumped to help him fight it out. Of course, he was thrown out of his Govt. accomodation at the first instance of his protest. Now he commutes 40 km everyday to reach his office and his wife lives comfortably in well furnished house next to his office. By the way, his wife is highly educated but never wanted to do any job or involve in any social work. The wife very conveniently managed to make stories and tarnish his character. She has even floated the story that she was harassed for dowry although she is a joint owner in all his deposits as well as has major chunk of his money in her sole name. If a woman had been in a similar situation then the sensitivity towards the victim is very humane. But here he is trying to reconcile and fight for a human life for himself just with my support. Somehow he is now getting victimized by the society and stoic approach of judiciary. The sad part of this story is that his 21 year old daughter believes that either one has to beat or will get beaten.

    I was a feminist but this incident made a human being out of me. Now I understand violence is just violence perpetuated by sadist and deranged people. We are not looking for a society were one gender has to oppressed.

    So I deeply appreciate your effort to make a point that men also needs to be protected against domestic violence. Praying such change in law comes soon so that my friend can also get some relief and finally gets to live his old age peacefully.

  3. please furnish the address of the save the husband foundation

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