NCW support Legal terrorism saying minimal misuse of Anti Dowry laws.

NEW DELHI: NCRB data shows, conviction rate in Anti dowry Law notoriously known as as 498A IPC is less than 2%, and there is huge movement against misuse of this law by husband and his family harassed by his wife with false dowry cases.

This is not our claim, anyone can search in google to find the truth, everyone knows IPC 498A and Domestic violence Acts are gender biased and with with one word of women, her husband and his family is arrested without any investigation, because of this trend at last after almost 30 years of misuse SC gave order as “No Automatic Arrest” still NCW strongly support no punishment for misuser Women.

Adding clause in these laws as Punishment for misuse will not harm real victim, but NCW/WCD strongly oppose such clause, because they want men to suffer and Women should not held guilty which they can show in Maintenance claim to get huge easy settlement.

Everyone knows this truth, but NCW/WCD again and again barking same tune in support to Legal Terrorism.

Women’s rights activist Lalitha Kumarmangalam, who took over as National Commission for Women (NCW) chairperson on Monday, ruled out dilution of the anti-dowry act though she admitted that there was some misuse of the legislation.

Reacting to the Supreme Court order which ruled that police cannot arrest the accused in dowry cases automatically, she said that misuse of anti-dowry law or domestic violence law was very low. “Of course, the misuse is a concern, but then the percentage of misuse is very low. Just for that we should not dilute the law, rather look at it from a broader and long term perspective,” she said.

Kumarmangalam also spoke in favour of pushing the women’s reservation bill while prioritizing women’s empowerment by providing them with equal access to legal, financial and social tools. “I want to address it in terms of allowing women access to each and every development activity, especially in government sector like skill building, sanitation and infrastructure,” she said.

Kumarmangalam has fought on a BJP ticket twice and was a member of the party’s national executive. When asked about her political affiliations, Kumarmangalam denied that her background would be an impediment and said that she would work with other members for women’s empowerment irrespective of caste, religion or other considerations.

When asked about WCD ministry’s proposal which is aimed at enhancing the powers of NCW, she said, “During my meeting with the minister, we talked about it and the Minister said she will give all possible support to make the commission effective.” The NCW Chief intends to utilise the money under the Nirbhaya Fund which is lying “unused”.

Kumarmangalam was heading a NGO called Prakriti and contested Lok Sabha polls in 2004 and 2009 but lost in both the elections. She was born to Mohan Kumaramangalam– a communist ideologue, politician and trade union leader.

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