‘Missing’ woman returns to Agra after 22 days

Agra, May 4 A young woman who was reported missing from her house here for 22 days has returned, saying she left home on her own to live with the man she loves.

“Dead or alive, I cannot live without Akram. I will finish off myself if any attempt was made to separate me from my husband,” Deeksha, who changed her name to Afreen, told the police and reporters at the Mahila thana (women’s police station) here on her return Friday evening.

Deeksha’s disappearance 22 days ago had infuriated the strong Punjabi community in Agra. However, she said she had gone on her own to live with Akram, who is already married and has four children.

Deeksha told the police that she was ready to adjust with the new environment and accept the children and their mother.

Akram is a shoe manufacturer. Deeksha said they first got married in a temple and later had a Nikah (marriage) agreement in Allahabad April 17.

Deeksha’s parents have said she could not take this decision because she was below 18, but she has insisted she is older.

She accused her parents of lying. “I do not wish to be with my family. With Akram I am happy and satisfied. As for religion there is no pressure on me. I can follow any,” Deeksha told senior officials at the residence of the senior superintendent of police (SSP) Friday afternoon.

Later she was brought to the Mahila thana to interact with her parents and members of the Punjabi community. She said Akram had gone to Mumbai on business.

A court has summoned Deeksha Monday. The crucial questions of her age and whether she had left home on her own are likely to be taken up.

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