MISSING – Supreme Court order useless

Little over a month after the Supreme Court ordered a woman who had fled to India with her five-year-old son to return to the US with her husband scientist Ravichandran and the child, the mother has gone missing again with the boy, this time from Delhi. Vijayashree Vora, who is violating a US court order that awarded joint custody to the estranged couple, was supposed to fly back to the US with Ravichandra and their son Adithya on December 17 as per the court order.
Vijayashree fled with Aditya Chandran from the US on June 28, 2007 on the pretext of going to meet her parents in India and was missing with the child for more than two years. Ravichandran had filed a habeas corpus petition in the Supreme Court, asking that his son be handed over to him.
The Supreme Court on August 28 passed an order requesting the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to trace Aditya and produce him before the court.

The CBI traced Aditya and Vijayashree to Chennai on October 24, 2009 and produced them before the court. The court on November 17 directed the mother to return with the child in 15 days or hand over the boy to his father.
But Vijayashree, who secured an extension of 15 days, has now gone missing again.

“She is not at any of the addresses she gave me and emails to her are bouncing back,” Ravichandran said.

Since the Supreme Court is on vacation, Ravichandran plans to file another habeas corpus petition on January 4, 2010 to trace the missing child.

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  1. I am the father of Aditya Chandran. On May 1st, Aditya was handed over to me in Chennai by the CBI as per Supreme Court order. On May 6th I exited India with Aditya to Dallas TX, USA. Aditya was very pleased and excited to go back to USA. My relationship with my beloved son was as if the lost 3 years shrunk to few seconds. Aditya is a resilient kid and he had already made friends in USA and all his neighbors are very happy to seem him. He is starting school on May 10th, and I plan to provide him the most stability that he sorely lacked in the past 3 years. I thank Supreme Court of India and CBI for great justice rendered to Aditya, and I hope all other fathers in my situation also succeed in seeing their children and bring them back to their home countries. God Bless.

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