WCD/NCW support/encourage misuse of Section 498A.

WCD/NCW has the authority to investigate use and misuse of section 498A, so called Dowry prohibition Act 1961(DPA 1961). If a women write to them with her sob story, they swing into action and force police to arrest husband and his entire family even they never took or demanded any dowry.

In DPA 1961 there is clause, Dowry givers also guilty, but in the history of the Act, none were arrested or sent to jail for giving dowry, that’s the first proof that they encourage women to file false case.

If Mother/Sister of husband write to them if they charged with false 498A, they just reply saying they are not coming under their mandate, that’s another proof that WCD/NCW says Mother-in-law / Sister-in-laws are not women, they help only those who misuse this Law. (We have NCW Letter on this)

As my 498A case is going on for last 14 years and I wrote to WCD/NCW many times but no reply from them so far, that’s another solid proof they encourage Women to file false case, cause All modern Indian women who file false 498A, they know there is no punishment for filling false case to harass their husband.
In my case for last 14 years my ex-wife never came to court for single court date and with this any deaf, dumb or blind can say its false case.

WCD/NCW need more statistics on 498A, so they can demand more funds from government and international donors, if they start investigating on false case report or ask Government to make gender neutral or punish misusers, their statistics can count within 100 only.

Now we have proofs that WCD/NCW is supporting misuse and making money out of it too.

If anyone has doubt about it, Please write about your false 498a case to WCD/NCW and your letter will end-up in VOID.

One thought on “WCD/NCW support/encourage misuse of Section 498A.

  1. 498 a is least an act rather than being a illegal trade which blossomed legally under roots of indian constitution, bosses are women extracting up to maximum amount of money out of it in advantage of being born a woman, nothing goes on as written by supreme court of India, no investigation is done either by women cell or by police, they just say to just compromise with your in-laws at any cost they demand otherwise face the fate, a funny kind of a serious drama is played just to entertain estranged wives and their relatives, it seems police has no job except to entertain them

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