New Model Judicial System for India

The Real Scenario:

There are about 10,000 courts in India .Out of these,

1 Supreme Court,
21 High Courts,
3150 District Courts,
4861 Munsif and 1st class Magistrate courts and
1964 2nd class Magistrate courts are there. Besides, there are many tribunals.

There are 4.04 crores cases pending in different district courts across the country.
While there is a backlog of 34 lacks cases in State High Courts.
1,66,77,657 criminal cases are pending before Magisterial courts and
72,37,495 civil cases are pending in various subordinate courts.

As many as 70 percent of these cases are -litigations from villagers. Again some of these cases are as long as 25 to 30 Years old. The longer a case runs, the more expensive it becomes to pursue. Within the High Courts, maximum number of cases are pending in Calcutta, Allahabad, Chennai, Mumbai and in Kerala High court. Out of the pending cases in these High Courts,
88 percent are civil cases and only 12 percent are criminal cases. Maximum numbers of pending cases in lower judiciary are in U.P., Gujarat, Maharashtra, M.P., W.B. and in Karnataka.

Primary causes behind Law

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