Delhi University prof of 51-yr-old arrested for molestation

New Delhi, Aug 6: A 51-year-old Delhi University professor has been arrested on Friday, Aug 5 as he allegedly molested a student on the pretext of helping the girl to pass in an examination.

Savi Savarkar, who teaches fine arts at a college in Tilak Marg area and is well-known for painting, allegedly touched the victim inappropriately when she approached the professor after getting failed in the examination.

Police official informed that as his (the professor’s) offence was bailable, the accused got bail soon after his arrest. Police sources said, “We received a complaint from the student and the accused was arrested immediately but as the offence is bailable, so he was granted bail later. The accused reportedly molested the girl on Aug 4.”

As per sources, the girl initially asked the accuse to apologise but when he showed arrogance, the victim filed the FIR against the Delhi University professor.

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  1. Hi,

    it would be better if Media reports (newspaper) where these items first published are also put as link at the bottom of SH blogs of yours for authenticity.

    From above 4-5 SH reportings here it is not bvery clear if they actuall happened as no Media (newspaper) name is mentiones.

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