Victim blames her parents for Rape

Kolkata, April 4 An 18-year-old girl in West Bengal has accused her neighbour of raping her for nearly two years and sought judicial help to stay away from her parents, alleging they have taken money from him to keep quiet, police said Friday.

The neighbour has been arrested. The incident took place in English Bazar town of Malda district.

“A resident of English Bazar lodged a written complaint Wednesday that her businessman neighbour Narayan Mondal had been raping her for almost two years, and that, despite telling her parents about it, they sympathised with her rapist,” a senior officer at English Bazar police station told media over phone Friday.

“She claimed that Mondal gives money to her parents, which is why, even after knowing the truth they keep mum.”

Mondal was arrested Friday after a medical report confirmed that she had been sexually assaulted.

The victim, who is a Class 12 student, wrote in her complaint that out of desperation, she had attempted suicide by swallowing sleeping pills Monday.

“The girl does not want to go back to her parents because she fears that her parents will again take money from some other man and let him assault her. So she has asked the Malda court to help her get alternate accommodation,” the officer said.

“The court called her Friday to record her statements,” the officer said.

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