Killer mothers murder twin girls

Chennai, Oct 10 A woman along with her mother killed her 15-day-old twin girls in a Tamil Nadu hospital. Both women have been arrested, police said Friday.

Revathi, the wife of an auto-rickshaw driver Duraipandi, gave birth to twin girls at the Tuticorin Government Hospital Sep 24 when she was eight months pregnant. As the babies were premature they were kept in an incubator and given to Revathi for nursing.

Worried about raising them, Revathi and her mother, Thennila, allegedly killed the babies Thursday morning when the twins were given to them for nursing.

While Revathi stangulated one baby, her mother Thennila slit the other’s throat with a blade. They later enacted a drama that the nurses had done something to the babies before they were given to them.

However, when the hospital authorities found blood on one of the babies, the police were informed.

On enquiry by the police, the two killer women confessed that they had killed the babies fearing the “high cost of raising them”.

and funny thing is WCD or NCW, nowhere to seen. no wonder Billions of money goes to the accounts of these so called women organisations.

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