Matrimonial Property (Rights of Women upon Marriage) bill make husband Bankrupt

This is one more law to make man Bankrupt and hit jackpot to women on Divorce. no wonder soon there will be 100% Divorce.
Long live WCD/NCW. Now on Women will marry daily Basis and in the year end she will be Multi billionair.

My Advice to all Indian Women Find Politicians who has Black money, no need to marry 100 times, one BAKRA is enough…. then only they will know.

The first draft of Matrimonial Property (Rights of Women upon Marriage) bill – 2012, prepared by Maharashtra Government’s Women and Child Development department in association with women’s organisation Majlis, seeks to give women rights of an equal partner in husband’s property.
As per the draft law, matrimonial property includes movable and immovable items, including husband’s share of joint family’s land or business. It also includes provident fund, gratuity amount, etc.
Sources in the WCD department said the present matrimonial laws do not recognise `non-economic contribution’ of the wife to the household, and she is entitled to only a maintenance if the marriage breaks down.
The draft bill aims to secure economic rights of women and provide them dignity. It also introduces a concept where consent of the wife will be required for taking any decision of sale or borrowing with regard to the property. Dealings without her written consent will be deemed null and void.
The draft was sent to Law and Judiciary Department for consideration, and was returned, “asking us to check if the provisions contradicted Hindu Marriage Act and the Hindu Succession Act. But, we have already checked and there are no contradictions. We expect the Department to advise us in ensuring that the provisions of the draft law are not misused,” said an official. 
The draft law, however, excludes inherited property or share in the Hindu Undivided Family, husband’s personal insurance money, and his personal effects such as jewellery, etc from the matrimonial property.
If wife’s consent can’t be obtained because of her mental/physical incapacity, or willful refusal, husband can approach the family court.
Similarly, if the wife fears that the husband is going to sell off the matrimonial property and undermine her or children’s interests, she can move the court.
The draft law also says that if, at the time of passing a decree of divorce or separation, either party claims more than half of the property, the court may consider length of marriage, age of the parties, earning capacity of each party, present value of properties, debt and liabilities, disabilities of either party or children, non-economic contribution of the wife, etc, while deciding on it.


3 thoughts on “Matrimonial Property (Rights of Women upon Marriage) bill make husband Bankrupt

  1. Why government do this kind of thing. Just give the Husband insurance amount to the wife, so it will increase the crime rates and india goes down in terms of growth. I think main motive of NCW is to work to demolish our society and nation. Yaar aisa karo key sub purie jaydad shadi key pahle ladkey walo key naam kar di jayeh to accha hoga …….. Admi ko mar he dalo bhai kya kamka hai aadmi

  2. Hi,
    yaar yeha per 82% taxes paid by men and men always victim. what a shit. I think NCW don’t have work and they only want to grab the money without doing anything.

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