AP Women chairperson under fire for supporting Men’s Commission

Senior Telugu Desam Party leader and Andhra Pradesh Mahila Commission chairperson Nannapaneni Rajakumari has come under fire for her foot-in-the-mouth comments she had made a couple of days ago.

Rajakumari put forth a strange demand before the AP government that there was a need to set up a separate commission to prevent atrocities on men by women.

She suggested that the government set up a “Purusha Commission” (commission for men) on the lines of Mahila Commission, in the wake of recent incidents of killing of men by their wives to cover up their illicit sexual relations with other men in different parts of Telugu states – Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

“Men also need to be provided protection from women since there have been several cases in the recent past of women cheating men,” she said.

Though Rajakumari’s suggestion is unique, she drew a lot of flak from several women’s groups including All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA), Progressive Organisation for Women (POW) etc.

Their representatives lashed out at Rajakumari for taking up the cause of men and deriding women, taking into consideration a few sporadic incidents.

“Every day, we have been coming across several incidents of men torturing, raping and killing women and even minor girls. Instead of raising her voice against such incidents, it is shameful on the part of Nannapaneni to demand a men’s commission, just because there were a few incidents here and there of women cheating men,”

they alleged.

They demanded that Nannapaneni should immediately resign from her post for her alleged comments against women and her support to men.

2 thoughts on “AP Women chairperson under fire for supporting Men’s Commission

  1. Kudos to Nannapaneni, and thanks for considering that men is also a human being.. !! He also holds pain ,emotions, feelings and family..!!! Much applauds for thought of protecting innocent men from women (who try to cheat )

  2. It is very disturbing to note the comments of AIDWA, who have been on the forefront of such men harassing organisation, in a world where we talk about gender neutrality in all walks of life, why should law be kept away from such neutrality, even if it is assumed though which is not correct, that there are brutal incidents of men being killed by womans who are in to illicit relationships,property matters etc, why is AIDWA protesting an equal commision for men, well we all noe this is the most flourished industry of troubling mens on which several such women organisation are feeding like parasites.
    i respect and support Madam Nannapaneni, for her well observed comments, which must be result of her own experience in things around her.

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