Women Reservation Bill: Look beyond the Narrow Prism

In the last session of Parliament if something keeps our MP shouting along with issue like increasing inflation then it was the Women Reservation Bill. Those who opposed this bill for their own manufactured logic are crying foul on the introduction of bill in the Upper House. Few are selling the logic of million discrepancies in the bill.

These sellers are no other than self-stayed socialist groups of this nation who never hesitated in dealing with Sahara

One thought on “Women Reservation Bill: Look beyond the Narrow Prism

  1. Well the best way is to make 50% reservation, Let there be two elections for every seat, The women can go and vote for women and men can go and vote for men, This way we have double the number of seats in parliament and that means twice the amount of waste and unnecessary expenditure, If I’am forced to vote in a reserved constituency Where I cannot Stand in election “I WONT VOTE”,


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