North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation.

UN Role in Libya is to protect civilian who comes under attack from separatists or Col.Gaddafi forces. Today
NATO forces led by UK and France Attacked Col.Gaddafi forces by using Helicopters as few Days back US war
Planes killed Gaddafi Son and his Family too. This is not only Violation of UN charter but Human rights
Violation and Terrorism. But who will tie Bell to CAT, US and its allies. In UN other countries has no right
Or Voice to say no against US or EU, coz they are poor and someway depend on these corporate giant Countries.

What UN role in other countries internal Affairs, Attack on Libya shows whoever wanted to separate from a
Sovereign Country UN will help them with weapons and Logistic support to regime Change and set a puppet
Government. US and EU is against Libya coz Libya does not sell or act as puppet to these countries. Even other
Arab countries and Arab league Against Col.Gaddafi coz he act as his own and do not listen to words of Saudi
Regime which Prompted by US.

In Sudan Janjaweed killed so many Easter and Southern Sudanese, but US or EU will not help to capture Omar
Basher and bring him to International court of justice coz he has Arab support, and their Oil money Dictate
UN not to act on him but everyone supports Serbian general for War crime for so called Srebrenica Massacre. In
Srebrenica many Serbs also killed by Islamists but none was arrested but Ratko Mladic was Arrested coz he
Protected many Serbs from Islamist and followed the orders.

Turkey Invaded and occupied Cypress and systematically replaced all Cypriots in Turkey controlled Cypress with
Turkish nationals but no one or UN asked Turkey to go back and unite Cypress or send all Turkish nationals
Who were not born in cypress or who parents are not from Cypress, but UN ask Israel to go back to 1967
Boarder where Arabs Countries planning to Attack Israel and lost their Land to Israel. Funny think is China
Occupied Tibet and systematically replace all Tibetans with Chinese but nor UN, US or EU has balls to china.
Nor China will listen to them.

US always want to act like Big Brother, What US has to do with in internal Affairs of IRAQ and Afghanistan and Keep its thousands of troops. US citizens gain nothing from this other than corporate giants get contracts From these countries and in return these contracting companies pay huge money to US government and ministers For their Elections. So far more than 4000 US soldiers died in IRAQ, Even US military is not there then there is no security risk to US, US government keep its military in IRAQ/Afghanistan, so all US soldiers died not for their country but mercenary Projects of US government.

UN should try Barak Obama for WAR crimes as many Soldiers killed Innocent Iraqis and Afghnistanis,and there is no proof Bin laden was involved in any terrorist activities against US, Still he was encountered; and also for killing US soldiers for its Profit and Mercenary work as there is no proof or Terrorists from Iraq and Afghnistan are involved against US or EU, but there are many from middle east and Saudi Arabia, but no action against these countries coz most of Election support money and Donations comes from Royal Families Middle east.

This is Voice of common man, it clearly shows double slandered of these countries. And Puppet UN, and it’s a
Right time to change NATO meaning to North Atlantic Terrorist Organisation.

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  1. So true.
    see this news of 19th June 2011.

    NATO on Sunday acknowledged it was responsible for civilian deaths in Tripoli after Libyan officials showed reporters five bodies, including two toddlers, they said were among nine people killed in a “barbaric” air strike.

    An alliance statement in Brussels said “NATO acknowledges civilian casualties in Tripoli strike” during action targeting a missile site.

    “It appears that one weapon did not strike the intended target and that there may have been a weapons system failure which may have caused a number of civilian casualties,” the statement added.

    NATO ruole is stop all Gaddafi flights and not to bomb rebelles, under UNOs no fly zone. instead NATO bomb innocent civilians. so they are not there to make peace for sure.

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