Mysterious case of Faiz Usmani: Is it a natural death?

Mumbai, Jul 17: Following the severe criticism over the death of Faiz Usmani, the key suspect of 13/7 Mumbai serial blasts who died in the police custody, the Mumbai police officials said it was a natural death and there was no custodial violence.

Mumbai police said that Faiz Usmani was not having his daily medicines since last two days and it may caused the death.

Police picked up Faiz Usmani on Saturday, Jul 16 for questioning for his alleged involvement in the terror attacks. But soon after the questioning, he was admitted to Sion Hospital and where he eventually died. Preliminary comments from doctors suggest that Faiz died of brain hemorrhage.

Faiz Usmani’s relatives alleged that he died due to pressure during the interrogation. His son blamed police for his death. Moreover, reports alleged that police officials denied to sent his body for postmortem. Anyhow, his body has been sent for postmortem and the report will be out soon.

Meanwhile, a CID probe has been announced to inquire the mysterious death of Faiz Usmani.

“A CID inquiry has been ordered into the death of Usmani by the DGP. The state CID will look into various things that resulted into his death,” Joint Police Commissioner (Law and Order) Rajnish Seth said.

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