NCW cautions against misuse of anti-dowry law

29 June:The National Commission for Women has cautioned against indiscriminate use of the anti-dowry legislation and advised women to resolve their marital problems through mutual discussions.

“Section 498 (A) IPC (anti-dowry provision) is misused by many. At times, there is no need to use it at all and we can solve the problem through dialogue. To prevent the misuse of the section, Domestic Violence Act was introduced,” NCW chairperson Girija Vyas said.

She was addressing a function, organised by the All India Committee for Eradication of Illiteracy among Women (AICEIW), in New Delhi on Saturday.

Vyas gave away AICEIW

2 thoughts on “NCW cautions against misuse of anti-dowry law

  1. Dv Act introduced for avoiding misuse of 498??? What kind of statement is that… Is girija the feminist out of her senses…. Dv act is nothind but one more weapon in hands of all girija’s in India as if 498 was not enough…Girija you are a Saint…. dont worry you will go to heaven… and you will play a role of mother in law of some insane DIL out there.. god will surely make sure it happens…

    //Find truth in her words.
    Everyone very well know 498A is misused [Dv Act introduced for avoiding misuse of 498] Now you heard from horse mouth;
    thats why we are oposing, so they want another weapon which is little complicated than 498a. to harass men, if 498a changed. thats actual meaning of her words. — eDitor

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