Woman killed for posting negative comments on Facebook

Santo Domingo, Oct 11: A woman killed another in a dispute over negative comments posted by one of them on social networking site Facebook as said the Dominican Police.

The incident happened at a night party in Santo Domingo’s Villa Duarte sector but police have no confirmation which of the two posted the remark that led the fight.

Sorces said that the victim, 20-year-old Cristina Cabrera, got angry with Bety Morel for posting remark on Facebook. Morel who is chasing by the Dominican police, then allegedly attacked Cabrera, who later died at Dario Contreras Hospital.

But the report added that, according to a witness questioned by investigator, it was Morel who wanted that Cabrera explain why she posted negative comments about her on the social networking site and that was root of the dispute between the two woman.

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