God, next earthquake should hit US: Nepal’s acting PM

Kathmandu, Sept 21: Nepal’s acting Prime Minister, Home minister Bijay Kumar Gachhedar prayed that the next earthquake should hit the US and other developed countries.

Gachhedar, who is currently taking care of PM’s responsibilities during the absence of Baburam Bhattarai, claimed, “We can’t stop quakes. India couldn’t do it, China couldn’t do it. Then how can we?”

“I pray to Pashupatinath that in future earthquakes hit the US and other developed nations (instead of Nepal),” prayed the acting PM raising a sharp controversy at international level.

Gachhedar’s statement came in such a moment when the PM of the country is attending the 66th UN General Assembly and is being invited to a reception hosted by US President, Barack Obama.

Here it can be recalled that Nepal along with the North-East India was hit by a major earthquake of 6.8 magnitude on Sunday, Sept 18. The quake left more than 80 dead and 88 injured in Sikkim, India.

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