SHAME on you NLUD for bias and promoting Gender divide

Few days back The National Law University Delhi (NLUD) announced after hosting a website ( that there is a consultation on Criminal Law reforms is going on and asked public to suggest amendments in Criminal laws of India, Indian Penal code (IPC) and The Code of Criminal Procedure commonly called Criminal Procedure Code (CrPC).

Many organisation and common man registered to submit their views. But lately it is found that most of men registered for consultation on NLUD website did not get UNIQUE ID to add/send their views. Funny thing is same men who entered with Female name received ids in few hours. That’s show they are biased and promoting feminists ideologies and feminists vested interests. If any authority would like to verify our claim we can have evidence to prove it.

NLUD very well aware what Constitution of India says, and as leading Institute of Law, they should have abide by the law and Constitution of India. we would like to remind NLUD of Section 15 of constitution of India ( states.

Prohibition of discrimination on grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth.”

Its a shame on NLUD, for promoting gender divide, and Promoting Feminism, for sure they are acting under the influence of WCD/NCW who has strong support for LEGAL TERRORISM and NLUD is part of it.

They do not want men send their suggestions/views, they want only from Women, and show Men are not interested or affected by misuse of laws. Its like putting lock on Mens lips or gum tape on Men mouth and say Men are not complaining, its another tactic of WCD/NCW/FEMINISTS.

SHAME ON YOU NLUD, stop this EYEWASH in the name of REFORMS IN CRIMINAL LAWS, If you are promoting this to get Funds from FEMINISTS / WCD / NCW say it open.

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