498A will not change,Even thousands innocent Harassed

RTI Reply for 18th Sept meeting of WCD with Penal of Lawyers.

This is RTI Reply from WCD (A Terrorist Organisation who Support Legal Terrorist)
Even Million innocent Harassed and thousand women goes to Jail, still WCD will not agree to change 498A.

4 thoughts on “498A will not change,Even thousands innocent Harassed

  1. Why should they amend 498a and other misuse-prone oppressive women-protection laws which arrests 1.2 lakh women in the lats 4 years, without any investigation or evidence!?. They will not change since they are the WCD of India(Water Closet de Diaboli) and NCW(Narssistic Community of Women).

    Why should they change, mad or what?

  2. That’s Good,
    We also do not want to change the Law.
    We want this law should be implemented properly.
    Untill all Dowry givers will not be punished, we should not stop fighting.

    This is my view, what is yours?

  3. Right now the law has no punishment clause- this is a must do if misuse has to be checked. That way the law has to change to be just, but this is exactly why WCD and NCW doesn’t want it to get amended.

    Implementation has to be right in the sense that investigation has to be conducted before arrests, this is NOT done in 99% of the cases presently.

    These 2 are the most important points which will help curtail misuse. The former can be easily intriduced by the legislature, the later depends upon the police who is almost hopeless. But if both are taken care we can hope to curtail misuse by say 90%.

    And thats exactly why Water Closet de Diaboli of India(W/cD ministry) and Narssistic Community of Women(NCW) won’t allow any welcome change.

  4. Yes, till all womens are behind bars-includiong the in-age 498a wife is put behind bar ,the law will be kept as such.We will emerge stronger and the ruined family of 498a will be handless,mouthless,penniless and turned to beggers.
    This law is sure to ruin the Mrs 498a Alias- Rotten Prostitute.

    Jai Hind

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