No Money,Still Husband has to Pay – NCW

NEW DELHI: Insufficient means may no longer be an excuse to deny maintenance to your estranged wife if the National Commission for Women (NCW) has its way. The Commission is also considering amendments to section 125, 126 and 127 of the Criminal Procedure Code to expand the ambit of maintenance to include adopted children, step-parents and grandparents.

The proposal comes after a seminar held on the issue by NCW and the National Law School, Bangalore.

The recommendations at the seminar include amending sections 125-127 of the CrPC, which provide maintenance for illegitimate minor children, to include adopted children and step-children, step-parents as well as grandparents. The recommendations also include deletion of the word ‘sufficient’ means, saying it is a man’s duty to maintain his wives, children and parents irrespective of his means. ‘‘A son would also have to maintain his widowed mother,’’ NCW chairperson Girija Vyas said.

Parents or children are currently not entitled for maintenance if they are not living together with the person responsible for the same. If the amendments are carried out, they would be able to file for maintenance from the place of their residence.

One thought on “No Money,Still Husband has to Pay – NCW

  1. Is NCW making a man’s life hell and promoting suicidal act.Probably this amendment will bring every guy who is suffering under this act. to suicide when he has no means to earn and feed the woman’s pressure of demand thru law.
    I want to ask all these women organisation member(NCW)how a man will beat and a woman still ready to live with him and is not ready for divorce?I have all proofs if they come forward and wish to examine of written and verbal recordings.
    I wish if Mrs Girija Vyas should visit women cell and know how this act and cell has become extortion racket for police and women who has wrongfull thought.She needs to come down from her chair and office for that.


    Naveen Singh

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