Indian men has no rights to have SeX with Wife…!

In India men are so Helpless or without any rights, even to have sex with wife they have to get direction from Court / Law. In India Husbands are treated as Villians,ATM Machines, and sprem doners, they have to pay all Bills of Wife and her Family, Provide food , cloth and shelter for them and Pay maintence for wife and her Children(s), in return he will not get anything other than making him bankrupt.

KOCHI: It looks like the Kerala high court has to decide even on the right of citizens to have sex with their spouses. Anil Kumar, a 30-year-old husband from Nenmara in Palakkad, approached the high court this week seeking to restore his right to have sex with his wife.

He alleged that his father-in-law is preventing him from meeting his wife and that police is interfering in the issue unnecessarily. Also, police is summoning him to the circle inspector’s office and harassing him.

According to the husband, his wife had been staying at her parental home in Ayiloor, Palakkad, while continuing her studies. But now, his father-in-law is preventing him from meeting his wife.

When police interfered in his attempt to meet his wife, he filed a petition at the family court of Palakkad for restitution of conjugal rights.

When the petition questioning police’s unnecessary intervention came up before the division bench of Justice K M Joseph and Justice K Harilal, government pleader contended that it should be understood from the husband’s petition at the family court that his wife is not willing to cohabit with him. As the issue over conjugal right was pending before the family court, the high court ordered that police shouldn’t interfere in the matrimonial dispute between the husband and wife unless a complaint is received from the wife or her father that makes out the commission of an offence.

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