Quick Justice – Man bite wifes nose

Lucknow, Sep 30 A man, in a fit of anger, bit off his wife’s nose and then walked to a police station in Uttar Pradesh’s Barabanki district to surrender Wednesday. The victim is being treated in hospital.

Ram Kumar reached the Subeha police station with blood stains near his mouth and shocked the police with his confession.

“We were shocked when he informed us that he had bitten his wife Jagpata’s nose. Raj Kumar then complained that he doubted his wife’s character as she returned home four days ago after being untraceable for over five months,” inspector Alok Sharma of the Subeha police station told media over phone.

Adding to the sordid drama, Jagpata’s two sisters reached the police station soon after with the bitten piece of her nose in hand.

“Her sisters, who are also married in the same village, came to us with the bitten portion of the nose wrapped in a paper,” Sharma said.

Ram Kumar has been arrested and the woman is undergoing treatment in hospital, he added.

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