Who is nourishing Gays, Feminism and Terrorism.

All over world there is opposition or problem from Gays, Feminism and Terrorism. Some Countries Banned Gays and their movements, Some Countries are allergic to Feminism or more rights to Women; and every country in the world facing threat from Terrorism, this terrorism may be from Islamists or Home grown.

Some Countries says, Gays and sick minded people, who is spoiling the Society with their urge and spreading dieses like AIDS, some other says it’s against nature and religion.

Goal of the feminism is, To dominate, control and destroy a man`s finance, mental health, self-esteem and any hope for happiness, Most of the countries of the world already given enough powers and rights to women, other than some fundamental Countries which see Feminisms is against their religion, and argue in Religion All women are already granted enough security, so they don’t need extra laws to empower them. But actual goal of Feminism is gain Political Power and rule over men and money.

No need to say what Terrorism is, every country in the world facing threat of Terrorism. When we say Terrorism, one world comes to mind that al-Qaida or Islamic Terrorism, that’s what most of the countries face, east to west and Innocent people are suffering and dying.

Few decades ago there was no sign of these Gay or Feminism rights or fights, after boom of TV, Internet and media it is widely accepted and reported, how they suffered and harassed when majority people of the world think they are ulcer of the Society.

BBC/CNN is in favor of them, if you listen their Radio or talk show or any coverage, there are programs on them every day.
There are chat shows
Their sad stories and interviews
And these Channels glorify them and support them because they have strong backing from West, US and Europe. some of these countries already passed laws to gays, Lesbian to get marry or adopt a child by ignoring Child rights to have Father and Mother, biological or not.

There are some Terrorists activities, here and there but most of the terror and destruction comes from fundamentalists, some are Home grown who fight against governments but united under or based on Religious principles. Some countries exporting terrorism to other countries where they are minority. They are happy to kill Jews or infidel and argue their religion say so.
So now the question is who nourishing Terrorism?
its US and Europe, for their Political agenda they supported some local groups in some countries to gain control over it, they sent Arms and financial support; but later these groups only turn against their masters.
US and Europe accepted huge immigration from these asian Countries, and these fundamentalists also wanted to migrate to Europe and US only, they will not migrate to Saudi Arabia or some other Islamic countries, decades later these immigrants sponsor Terrorism in Europe and US or back in their home Countries.
When these immigrants have full access and rights in adopted countries, they started to group together and media like BBC/CNN started to show how great these immigrants communities are doing, how the suffered and overcome, even there are many more other ordinary people suffer and overcome or do better than anyone they are not in news

Lastly i can say, for all the misery and problems of the World you can blame West, US or Europe only

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