NCW Proposal on NRI Marriages

I was shocked to see the proposal by the National Commission for Women to the government of India to have specific laws related for NRI’s. Please have a look at this proposed law at I am also attaching a soft copy of it for your ready reference.

If this law is implemented, it is going to have a lot of hardship for NRI men. Hence I thought to take some time and write to you all, those organizations and individuals functioning in different countries abroad where there are many Indian community employed and living.

Particularly you may notice that the provisions under point B 3 where in a wife can claim share in husband’s parental property, B4, furnishing of financial, property details, employment details including salary etc. are quiet disturbing. Many women (wives) currently are misusing the laws to their advantage and even cheating their loving husbands and in such cases these proposed amendments would be used to their own selfish motive by such woman which is very much worrying.

India’s minister for Overseas Indian Affairs Vayalar Ravi recently said that, he tells people back home “don’t marry Indians in America, including Canada”. You can see a press release of this at

Instead of supporting the NRI’s especially men who are struggling abroad to support their families back home and earning foreign exchange for their country, it is a disgrace for the NRI’s to hear such an irresponsible statement from the Minister for Overseas Indian Affairs.

Some of the women travelled abroad may have faced bad situations, but for this should the entire NRI men made to suffer? Should the Indian men living abroad to earn a living and to support their families and their own country be harassed to this extend?

Different women’s groups in India are lobbying for laws favouring women and due to this already many poor men are suffering in our country and abroad. Due to the implementation of gender biased law we can already see that the divorces have multiplied among Indians as well as the men and their families are facing related legal harassment misusing IPC 498a, DV act etc. as well as we can see women misusing the child custody laws. India is one of the most fovoured destinations in the world for child abduction.

It is interesting to note that most of the women lobbying for these genders biased laws are mainly those who are not married or those who are divorced and those who do not have husbands, sons or proper fathers and such who do not know or care about family values. But their selfish motives have been able to influence other women in India and is affecting the family ties very badly.

Unless every one of you being major role players of the Indian community abroad get your acts together and raise your voice to fight against this injustice, this law will be implemented soon and we will see a lot of NRI men suffering and this will not be restricted to unmarried men, but those who are also already married. The effect of these laws is going to be far reaching to destroy men working hard abroad and their hard earned savings and also their family.

I request your urgent attention to the matter and please raise your concerns to the Prime Minster, Law Minister, the respective Indian embassies or consulates, other Indian welfare organizations and who ever you think can help review and annul this proposed biased law against NRI Men.

It is not only the men who work abroad, there are a lot of women also who works abroad and take their husbands to their place of domicile. Why the proposed law is not applicable to such women? If you see it in the broader terms, you can see that what all is proposed in this amendment to the law as well as other laws by the National Commission of Women are all biased and not only it does not protect the poor men who are being cheated or harassed by the women, but also adversely affects the poor men even though he may be genuinely good.

One final note, please do not take things for granted and think that nothing would happen to you and that you should not be worried, but remember any thing can change and happen to you also at any time and adequate measures should be taken to protect you and other NRI men from this proposed dreadful law. Act now!

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