People in India still eat with their hands – Ignorant Oprah Winfrey

American talk show host and personality Oprah Winfrey has come under fire for her “ignorant” and “snobbish” take on Indian life in her latest TV Show “India special“,

This Feminists dont even know what india is; but she is making TV show on India; thats another trait of Feminists; they can talk about anything without knowing it, because they will find many blind followers.

Here is best example.
In the first segment of the India special of her new show ‘Oprah’s Next Chapter‘, Oprah Winfrey apparently said: “So I hear some people in India still eat with their hands?

She heard….!
Still eat with their hands….!

What a Funny statement….. any deaf, dumb or even Blind knows 99% people of India still eat with hands, but not this Feminist of so called Developed Country USA.

I just wonder how she fool million women and mint millions, as she is richest feminist even.

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