Oral Care

100% Natural. 0% Chemicals. Now, that’s the kind of math we like.

Dabur Red Gel has 7 minty fresh herbs which have been scientifically tested and proven, to give you fresh breath and fantastic oral care. Give it an oral test today. And see it pass with flying colours.
Made with a blend of natural oils, Dabur Red Pulling Oil pulls toxins from your mouth, prevents oral problems, and strengthens the teeth and gums. So, it’s like a mouthwash. And then some.
32 curated herbs are on a mission. To protect your family's teeth.
We put the powerful and natural Babool into our toothpaste so that its strength can rub off on your family’s teeth. We keep it minty fresh like that!
When you've got the great tradition of Ayurveda on your team, your teeth are sure to shine. And stay pretty darn strong too. Just ask Grandpa.
Long, long ago, someone thought it was a good idea to put a twig in their mouth. Which was good, because it helped unearth the Miswak tree’s magical ability to care for your teeth and gums. We just made it a lot easier to use!
We've cracked the code to eating whatever you want. Just trust Red.

With Dabur Activated Charcoal Toothpaste, we aim to improve our customers' brushing practice beyond what their traditional toothpaste has served so far. Do you wish to embrace a holistic