Apology overruled; Manish Tiwari to be dragged to court

New Delhi, Aug 25: Congress spokesperson, Manish Tiwari on Thursday, Aug 25 apologiesed to Anna Hazare and urged the Gandhian crusader to withdraw his fast. However, his (Tiwari’s) apology has been overruled by Anna’s lawyer, Milind Pawar who vowed to drag the Congress man to court.

“We will file a case against Manish Tewari under IPC Section 500 for the defamatory remarks made by him against Hazare on August 14, describing him as a corrupt person at a public forum,” Pawar stated.

Manish Tiwari, had earlier lashed back at Anna Hazare in a press conference on Aug 14 by calling Anna ‘corrupt’.

Backfiring the Gandhian crusader, he had said that a Supreme Court judge also called Anna’s fast illegal, further adding that his fast was not for the Lokpal Bill or against corruption.

“Anna Hazare has violated basic courtesy and has a lot to answer,” Tiwari had said earlier.

He had further said that Justice Sawant Commission report on corruption also named Anna Hazare and asked why he did not respond to the charges. Congress also said that Anna’s birthday celebration by his trust was illegal and Anna himself was corrupt.

Tiwari continuing his attack on Anna, had stated, “The Sawant Commission ripped apart the moral core of Hazare as it found him steeped in corruption from head to toe.” However, the Congress party later had taken a U-turn by calling a “Hero“.

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